Monday, September 5, 2011

Painting Yellow Dark Eldar step-by-step

Trying out a not so common color scheme for the Dark Kin.

Last picture is taken in daylight and I feel that it does not look as yellow as I would have liked it to be. It feels like a failed attempt at Non Metallic Metal Gold instead......

Any suggestions or thoughts on this outcome?
Keep it or try again?


  1. I think it came out pretty well. Very distinctive and unique.

  2. I like it. unique and easy to execute. I will want to see it in person though

  3. that color looks really good... i love how the bright color brings out the armor detail/contours.

  4. I guess if you want them like gold gold then best to use metallics to get some 'bling' in. Maybe a glossier goldy yellow might help?

  5. Thanks all for the suggestions! After looking at it sitting on my painting desk for a few days I am convinced that an army in this colour would look suitably unique and menacing (in a dark eldar way) at the same time.

    Therefore I'm sticking with the color scheme. I shall use more blacks & whites to break the color scheme in the other minis such as the vehicles and more varied models such as the incubi and scourges as they have more different elements such as more pronounced armor plating and wings,hair etc..... I guess the color on a warrior is kinda limited in color variations but overall armor shall be done this way.

  6. Show us your progress! Would love to see it coming along.



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