Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A little distraction from painting.

Just picked up this game today. Time to kill some Orks!!!!


  1. Any goood or just a button smasher, melee bore?

  2. What dd you think of the game? At least what you've played so far.

  3. This is honestly the most intense over the shoulder shooter I've played. The waves of Orks and the "waagh" drowning bolter fire is sickeningly satisfying.

    It's more a shooter with melee support. But the melee is also an important aspect of the game. I would say 70%/30%.

    Don't take my word for it though. Go download the free demo and try it out.

  4. I think I will go pick it up. For all systems I suppose? Guess I'll get the x360 version.

  5. got my copy last night... I find this game very much like dynasty warriors mised in FPS elements. I needed to tweek the horizontal/vertical axis sensitivity a bit tho to aim faster. Atleast for the xbox ver.

  6. All x-box version I can't play multiplayer with you guys! :(



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