Thursday, September 1, 2011

Completed Empire Handgunners of Nuln

These guys have been sitting around in basecoated state for almost half a year. Decided to bite the bullet and finish them off.

p.s everything is done except for the banner. Still have not decided how I wanna do it.


  1. Nice! What greys did you use for your black highlights? and how did you highlight your's very smooth

  2. The black cloth is simply black highlighted with adeptus battlegrey.
    However this step is very tricky as you need to have a steady hand and a very fine brush. The paint has to be very thinned down.

    Any mistakes made can simply be controlled later with black, especially if the grey highlights accidentally get too thick. Which happens often.

    For the feathers it is also a 2 step highlight. Just astronomican grey as a base then white as a highlight. But the key to achieving the clean look is to use the white generously. Think of it as a stage two highlight, but simply stopping there instead of one more final highlight as you can't possibly highlight white anymore.

    Go try it!



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