Monday, January 24, 2011

working with made in china Blood Angels

I've been so happy to receive my almost co. complete BA army. There has been so much to look over. For the most part, I'm very happy with the 15 pieces of armor, 2 drop pods and 3 dreadnoughts.

However, I've been going over the quality of the infantry units. For starters, seems like tactical squads were all done to a half-ass degree. Paints were caked up in the crevices, the pieces were very unclean, lots of runners and globs. I had ordered 3 tactical squads; all of which were posed exactly the same way. I decided to break off the arms to re-do them. To my surprise, my hunch was right... the models were self casted resin... paints started chipping as they didn't bother with surface priming on resin. A very big no no...

To begin with, all power fist models were posed like so with the same powerfist being used over and over again.

Once I broke off the arm, I noticed the chest piece had no mould lines. It was a single piece casted with both front and rear ends as one.

This is the reposing mock fit with pins (silver bit on armpit)

Finally, still no expert at this, but i attempted to sculpt in greenstuff on the joinage gap between plate armor.

Here's another example of trying to make the most poses out of what I got.

And another one...

Be expecting more updates on my endeavor to "correct" this army... Trust me, it gets better... this is the least of my problems. I guess nothing is ever as good as they market it as... sigh... lol


  1. Question is: would you use them again?

  2. That is a million dollar question... the answer is yes, I would but I would probably send them my own models built and assembled to my own specs. That way even if they do cast them, it will be a newer cast and chances are all details will retain... I gotta admit, the resin based sanguinary guard pointy bits are a lot stronger than the gw plastic ones...

  3. So you have found a company knocking out fake GW miniatures and your only concern is that the paint job isn't so great and they're all posed the same way?


    Who are these guys? I take it they're cheap?

  4. The paintjob looks great from the pics, considering they are mass painted. And i could not tell the difference from the originals lol!

  5. WOW they look great except for the standard pose. My dream of owning a thunderhawk, warhound titan and reaver titan may come true very soon...

    中国万岁 :)

  6. @GDMNW - yes I believe these guys are "replicating" models. My work experience has taken me around China to quantify the worth of costs for commodities and materials. For the price I paid which is cheap, I still believe these guys should be painting better. I will post more of the flaws in their craftsmanship later.

    @Skanwy - The paint job sucks on about 1/3 of the tactical squads, the real eye sore is with the casts... lots of unsmooth lines on detailing work which is evidence of overuse on that specific mould. I will post more to show.

    @crazy rat - I can hook you up with a thunderhawk and lucious pattern warhound both brand new for a very attractive price shipping out from hkg. Give me your email. Both Ethrion and I own those models. Well... i only got a titan but he has both lol... You can see my paint job on it with the chaos titan I posted up a while back.

  7. i dunno... piracy just makes me feel dirty...



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