Monday, January 3, 2011

Late happy new year. Late Xmas present.

Just got back from Italy trip over the final weeks of 2010. And came home to this package.

I'm seriously going to do a mantic undead army for 2011. Will use the minis for my vampire counts army as well.

On another note my empire 2010 plan has failed miserably. However I will aim to finish that before other projects.

And to make hobby matters worse. I will be in the midst of moving house slowly over the next 2 months before my wedding. So painting ability is going to be coming to an almost complete halt. Will try my best to post more for 2011!

Cheers and happy new year all!

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  1. Really keen to hear what you make of the Kings of War stuff. I've not seen any of their stuff in person it would be great to know what you think of it!

  2. Yep gonna give it a go as I feel there is real potential in the game. And honestly the miniatures are superb. I won't compare it directly with gw miniatures as gw style is very distinct. And it won't be fair anyway considering the yrs of experience and high budget gw has anyways.

    And if all else fails at least the models are usable in WFB.

    I did a skeleton test paint mini awhile ago when I bought my first batch of mantic miniatures. You can go check it out if I'm not wrong about 2-3 months ago,

  3. I am only really interested with their Zombies and Ghouls. Prefer the GW Skeles simply due to it's size and styling.

    Now the question is: can you mix the models from the two ranges? Would they look in place with each other? And do I have to get GW bases to put the Zombies/Ghouls on it?

    I am tempted to raise an Undead host using the combination of GW Vamps/Skeletons + Zombies/Ghouls

  4. Nice to see shiny new miniatures hahaha

    @ Enrgie
    The ghouls are superb compared to the GW ones. I bought 30 mantic ghouls and never regret, also 50% cheaper to GW ghouls. No you do not have to buy/use GW bases. Mantic have 20mm square bases that comes with the model.

    The mantic zombies also looks good. I nv buy them, as I already have 100+ zombies after trading with Sam.



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