Monday, January 10, 2011

Batrep: 4000 points of High Elves vs the Axis of Evil

Played a 4000 point game with Ethan, Josh and Shi Hao this weekend. It was me vs the 3 of them in a combined axis of pure evil!

Ethan: Skaven
Josh: Chaos Warriors
Shi Hao: Empire

Terrain could be improved but it functioned pretty well. Then again, it is still under construction at the moment. Head on over to the battle report at:

Do drop comments!


  1. OH! 3 on 1 action hahaha. Nice game must be very fun with all the crazy stuffs on-going.
    Did you all use special characters to spice things up?
    During 7th edition we played some 5k games (2v2) and we each use a special character it was freaking hilarious when you compare what you read in the fluff and what they can do in actual game.

    We came up with new names for the special character like Thorek "the one dwarf army", Malus "No" blade, Orion "King of fluffing" and the Green knight aka "gay knight"

  2. No special characters for this game but man it was fun! Seeing so many of my minis on the table was also very rewarding!

    This coming Sat at my place! Come we play 40k!



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