Wednesday, January 26, 2011

HK Trip

Went to HK last weekend. Thought I would share some pictures of the gaming place and terrain inspiration!

Store army for demo games

Completed Abom! 

New thing! 

Jay's work! 

Look at the detail! And smart use of GW terrain into his work! 

All in the detail


Work in Progress

Look who I found! My missing Genestealer! 


All stuck together! We need more of these pieces to spruce our battlefields! 

Great use of that shitty 4th ed terrain. Or was it 3rd?

Running a campaign with full map! 

Tourney going on. Small doubles 

Justin is the guy at the back with the bandana/head band. Really amazing army and he did most of the terrain at FA! 

No clue what this is

Justin's painting. This is not his best! 

I do miss HK but we must try to up our game here in Singapore! We will continue to build terrain and when our guests arrive in May, we will greet them with open arms! 

FYI Sporecon 2011 is this May 28th and 29th! 


  1. "Can the parent of the white jeanstealer come claim him in HK" lol...

    very nice terrain, some FW terrains as well. Can copy some hehe
    Justin's painting impressive esp the warriors.

  2. Haha yes he missed me so did I! I fully intend to copy some designs. Lol!

  3. I see how the charity of friends is quickly forgotten! :P It was my genestealer! :) Just for that I'm gonna tell him to fail all his hits and armour saves for you!

  4. Hehehe, okay a little clarification. Alex (Ethrion) actually gave me one of his models to make up for my "lost" model. Thanks Alex!

  5. ahhh ray, when we play, you always seem to be missing jean stealers... wait they're in the dead pile!!!!!! wahahahahahahhahahahahahaha j/k



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