Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FInally all the new Blood Angels Pics!

It's all here. Gotta love it. Librarian Dread as well!

Pictures from GW website.


  1. So how many of these flyers and dreads you are each getting?? Looks like my Nids better bring more Hive Guards!

  2. I have never sweated a model so much as I do for the Stormraven. I think the maximum allowed per game is 2 units. I plan on getting the maximum allowed. As for dreadnoughts, I currently have 4, probably will get 1 more to be painted as a librarian dreadnought. I want my army to work around the stormraven units. Gaming wise, i dunno how well it will work but I am inspired by the idea of space marine gunships.

  3. for normal games
    3 stormraven (heavy support)
    11 dreadnoughts (3 elites, 3 heavy, 5 troops)
    ->3 furioso/lib, 3 dreadnoughts, 5 DC dreadnoughts

  4. NICE!!!! looks like I have room for another stormraven... dunno if I have enough actual room to keep them tho... I guess I'll worry about that later...



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