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7th Edition Eldar vs Flesh Tearers Batrep - New Eldar Book

I had booked this game in with Sam quite awhile back and was not expecting the new Eldar book to hit the shelves. This was about 3 weeks back, before rumours came about. Now that Eldar has a new book over the weekend, I had to break out my collection to see how the new formations would work. 

I built an army based on my existing collection and yet, I found that I was missing several models forcing me to borrow a few models for this game. 

The Eldar comprised the following:

Guardian Battlehost:

  • Farseer on jetbike
  • Defender Guardians x10 with Scatter Laser platform 
  • Defender Guardians x10 with Scatter Laser platform 
  • Defender Guardians x10 with Scatter Laser platform 
  • Vyper with Brightlance
  • Vaul Support Battery with D Cannons x3
  • Warlock Conclave: 1 Warlock on Jetbike
  • War Walkers with Scatter Lasers x3
Aspect Host (+1 Ballistic Skill)
  • Dire Avengers x10 in Wave Serpent with Scatter Lasers 
  • Warp Spiders x8
  • Warp Spiders x8
Wraithknight with Wraithcannons
Striking Scorpions x7 with Exarch and Twin Chainsabres in Wave Serpent with Scatter Lasers

The list above was designed to test the new Craftworld Warhost detachment rule. All models in the detachment would benefit from the guaranteed 6" Run move during Battle Focus and Runs. It was also designed to take all comers because I had no idea what Sam would be bringing (he has a massive collection of armies). I also wanted to try out the changes to the Wraithknight and of course, D Cannons. 

Sam brought an army list based on the Shield of Baal forces.

Below is the list for my Flesh Tearers army yesterday.

1 Chaplain

8 Tactical Marines

Fast Attack
5 Assault Marines (in Drop Pod)
2 Meltaguns

Heavy Support
1 Stormraven

1 Whirlwind

Defenders of Cathedrum Formation
5 Assault Terminators
(All with Lightning Claws)

9 Death Company Marines

10 Tactical Marines (in Rhino)

10 Tactical Marines

10 Assault Marines (in Rhino)

1 Furioso Dreadnought

Mission was Lost Contact from the Maelstrom of War. I won the rolloff and deployed first

Took a spread approach while Sam went for the Denied Flank. Objectives were critical to the survival of mission

Sam held the centre right 
 Turn 1
I forgot to Scout my War Walkers but advanced the entire army up the right flank with abandon 

I rushed out to grab as much open space as possible and secure those objectives

The D Cannon took First Blood by destroying the Rhino with Tacticals

Advance through the mid field

In retaliation Sam lobbed Whirlwind missiles and took out this Guardian unit (Wraithguard is Weapon Platform)
I managed to score Harness the Warp while Sam didn't accomplish any mission objectives

Turn 2
With no one on my right flank I just rushed this side

While my anvil held down my left flank

My Spiders went straight for his last few remaining Tactical Marines

Scored another VP 

I had forgotten about these in Reserves. They would make me pay with Eldar lives 

Stormraven swoops in low and the Death Company disembarks- uh-oh

Both Tactical Marines charged in and kills off one Spider. I disengaged with Hit and Run

The Furioso Dread takes out his targets and then disengages from combat leaving the Death Company to deal with the last one
Turn 3
I was losing my right flank fast so started consolidating my army in the middle to counter punch

Dire Avengers disembarked to destroy the Tactical Marines from the Drop Pod

While the Guardians fell back to middle ground and away from the Furioso. The 2nd unit of Spiders drop in to attempt to Scour the Skies

Wraithknight takes high vantage point but missed out on my Objective 3! 

Bagged another 2 VP

Stormraven skirts away and Death Co advances on the Spiders

The Guardians fall back away from the Furioso who was killing enmasse

The brave Support Battery attempts to kill the Furioso but failed

Furioso charged the remaining Guardians 
Turn 4
Death Co took out my Spider unit but now they were in the open. The Eldar advanced towards the Death Co

Spiders jumped and closed in to take out a few of the Marines

Guardians fled from the combat with the Furioso

Made a killing this turn with the Objectives

Furioso kept it's advance on the Guardians knowing that I could not do anything to threaten it

Furioso charged into the next unit of Guardians
Turn 5
With the only response to the Furioso being my Wraithknight, I had no choice but to charge it in

And blow a hole in its sarcophagus! 

Freeing the Guardians up

Eldar scored another 2 VPs

But it was a little too late. The Eldar had the Flesh Tearers surrounded

Sam finally managed to take one VP! 
This was quite a one sided affair. Sam was trying to make the close combat phase work but it is difficult in today's meta. Granted, when he did get into combat, my army didn't have the staying power and was melting away. It was still a good reintroduction into Eldar for me. If you follow the blog, you will have noticed that I moved away from the Eldar for about a year to concentrate on my Tyranids.

Here are post battle comments from both players:

Sam: The bloodthirst of the Flesh Tearers was not held in check, and their battle plan unfolded disastrously as they abandoned their positions and charged heedlessly into the enemy, visions of Sanguinius clouding their minds.

Ray: I did make a boo boo with the army list after we finished the game but if you follow the batrep, you will notice that the Scorpions did not really make a difference this game. Also considering that the Wave Serpent they were mounted on Immobilized on Turn 2, we felt it evened out the mistake. The Weapons Platforms were also free but I paid the points to bring them! Finally Sam wasn't really playing to the objectives! He was just after blood! 

I still hope this gave you guys a good taste of what is to come. I am sure in a non controlled environment the 3 Wraithknight army will be hard to deal with. D Weapons all around. 

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