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1000pts Batrep - Necrons vs Harlequins

Having a free evening after the Beat Ray Batrep, I had a quick 1000pt game with Edward, who decided to try out a Harlequin list. The lists are below (should have remembered them correctly)

1 x Solitaire (Path of Heroes Formation)
1 x Shadowseer (PoH)
1 x Death Jester (PoH)

2 x 6 man Harlequin Troupes w/ Caresses
1 x 4 Skyweaver Jetbikes w/ Star Bolas
1 x Voidweaver

Harlie Deployment, the heroes are hiding in ruins

Necrons Decurion
1 x Catacomb Command Barge w/ 2+/4++ and WS
1 x 5 Immortals w/ Tesla
2 x 10 Warriors
5 x Tomb Blades w/ Tesla, Ignore Cover
1 x Spyder (Harvest Formation)
6 x Wraiths (Harvest Formation)
1 x 3 Scarabs (Harvest Formation)

Necron Deployment
First time facing Harlies, but Edward had just looked through the rules too, so it should balance out. Sorry for the lack pictures, got too caught up in the game. The game plan was simple, shoot the Harlies, and try to avoid getting caught in CC.

Turn 1

With a flare of energy, the Phaeron Y'san and his forces teleported back to Willow from the orbiting tombship, their enhanced senses quickly spotting the flashes of colour in the ruins of long abandoned and forgotten cities. With a thought, the Phaeron signalled his forces to advance, closing quickly to effective weapons range. However, the Eldar Harlequins danced out of reach, constantly skirting around the Necron force. 

No matter, thought the Phaeron. Sooner or later, the Harlequins would have to go through the Necron force to get to the entrance to the underground crypts, where the World Engine's power cores were located. Then, their blood would flow....

Harlies got first turn and maintained the gap between the forces, moving sideways in most places to break up LOS. Nothing was in range of shooting or psychic powers. Necrons quickly moved up the field to try and shoot the Troupes, with the Tomb Blades managing to kill off a few members from the Troupe towards the top of the photo, and one Skyweaver is taken out with shooting. Rest of the Necron Army either ran or went flat-out to get into range. 

KP Count: Harlequins 0-0 Necrons

Turn 2

The Shadowseer felt the pull of the Warp, as she wove the mists around herself. The Ancient Enemy were as resilient and dangerous as told in the stories, and had already sent several members of the Masque to Cegorach. Dancing the pattern known as the Fog of Dreams, the Shadowseer wove a psychic mist over the Tomb Blades that had shot down her Troupe members, preventing them from inflicting further damage. In the distance, she heard a muffled explosion as the Voidweaver crashed in flames. Already the cost of this incursion onto the Necron world was high, but she had faith.

As the Shadowseer looked on, the Barge that carried her target charged into combat with a Troupe, killing several from the impact alone. For a moment, she thought that the chance had gone, and that her interpretation of the texts in the Black Library had been awry, but it was with elation that she saw the Troupe Master and the surviving Harlequins damage and destroy the Catacomb Command Barge, leaving the Phaeron to teleport away in a manoeuvre for survival. Things were proceeding as foreseen...

Harlequins begin to move and run closer to the Necron force, preparing for their charges. Unfortunately, despite the rerolls and runs and assaults, none of them make it into assault this turn. Shooting does take out several of the Tomb Blades, and Fog of Dreams makes the TBs snapshoot until next turn. Necron shooting does more damage, downing the Voidweaver for First Blood. Catacomb Command Barge makes the charge against the Skyweavers, and kills enough of them to make them break.

KP Count: Harlequins 0-2 Necrons (Voidweaver + First Blood)

Turn 3

With any other army, the loss of their warlord would be a massive blow to morale, but the Necrons of the Y's dynasty were not just any army. They continued to press onwards, squeezing the battlefield and forcing their Harlequin enemies to cluster. In any case, the Phaeron's presence was still strongly felt through the instantaneous robotic communications, and there were few Harlequins left. 

As the Necrons slowly but surely closed in on the remaining Harlequins, a hail of shurikens tore the outlying Scarab Swarms apart. Optics refocused on the source of the fire, and saw a Death Jester sketch a mocking bow....

Shooting from the Death Jester IDs the scarab swarms, while one Troupe makes a 9" charge into the Tomb Blades. Assault kills off one Tomb Blade, but the survivor makes his leadership and ties the Troupe up for a turn. Unengaged Troupe charges the Command Barge, and wipes it out with 3 6s for glancing hits in a row. Necrons continue to advance and shoot, damaging a few more Skyweavers and getting into better positions. Immortals run to put more distance between them and the Troupe engaged with the Tomb Blade. Wraiths and Spyders are now nearly on top of the Death Jester, Solitaire and Shadowseer, but are just out of range for the charge.

KP Count: Harlequins 3-2 Necrons (Catacomb Command Barge + Scarabs + Slay the Warlord)

Midway through the battle...

Turn 4

A flicker of warning from the shadows brought the Shadowseer's attention to her immediate vicinity. Spotting the Wraiths and the Spyder, and realising the peril her companions were in, signalled the Solitaire and the Death Jester to move away from the dangerous constructs with a theatrical flourish of her hand. 

The Troupe that was battling the Tomb Blade tore it apart with ease, their Harlequin's Caresses glowing with phased energy as they almost-gently reached into the frame and pulled out delicate but destroyed components. With bounding leaps, they closed the distance to the Immortals, who swung their weapons around to face the oncoming Troupe....

Not much shooting from Harlies as they all run and move into position or away from danger. Remaining Skyweavers move away from the battle. The Harlequin Heroes continue to kite the Wraiths, while the Troupe in combat with the Tomb Blade finishes it off and consolidates towards the nearby Immortals. Necrons respond by shooting down large numbers of Troupe players who were in the open, finishing off the Troupe that killed the Barge, and killing off some from the Troupe which destroyed the Tomb Blade. Wraiths fail their charge.

KP Count: Harlequins 4-3 Necrons (Tomb Blades - Troupe)

Turn 5

The Harlequin Masque was truly at their limit. Surrounded on all sides and losing members quickly to greater and greater numbers of Necron Warriors, the players of the Masque prepared for one final stand. The moment of truth was fast arriving, and the Shadowseer readied herself for destiny. 

She was uncertain of this path, but Cegorach's desires were clear, and her faith in his plans was absolute. The Death Jester and Solitaire met her eyes and gave her an imperceptible nod, before turning to the battle and making their last stand, giving the Shadowseer the chance to get away and accomplish her mission...

Death Jester stops kiting while Solitaire and Shadowseer continue to put distance between themselves and Wraiths. Combined shooting from DJ and Skyweavers puts a couple of wounds on Wraiths. Remaining Harlequin troupe fails their charge against the Immortals due to overwatch. Necron movement has Warriors close in on Death Jester, before shooting him down, combined fire from Immortals + Warriors wipe out the last Troupe. Wraiths continue to move closer along with Spyder, but fail their charge again. Edward rolls for the game, and it continues.

KP Count: Harlequins 4-5 Necrons (Troupe + Death Jester)

Turn 6

The Phaeron watched on from his throne room as scarabs rushed to make repairs to his frame. The battle's prosecution had gone mostly to perfection, with the exception of his Barge being destroyed so early in the fighting. 

Despite their dire predicament, these Harlequins continued to give a good account of themselves, with several of their jetbikes attempting to reach the entrance to the underground caverns, and the Solitaire finally making himself known, charging out from cover to destroy the Tomb Spyder with ease. With a mental flicker, the Phaeron readjusted the Warriors' target priority, and ordered them to kill off the Solitaire. A movement in the shadows drew his attention back to the throne room; something had made it past his sentinels....

All that is left for the Harlies are two Skyweavers, the Shadowseer, and the Solitaire. Solitaire uses his blitz move to charge the Spyder, and Shadowseer moves further away yet again. Skyweavers turbo-boost into the Necron backfield for Linebreaker. Solitaire eventually destroys the Spyder in CC. Necrons move closer to try and shoot the Skyweavers, and Wraiths move closer into the Harlequin backfield to ensure they make the charge and get Linebreaker. Warriors shoot and then charge Solitaire, losing several of their number but eventually killing him. We call the game here as Edward has few units left that can damage the remaining Necrons.

KP Count: Harlequins 6-8 Necrons (Spyder + LineB - Solitaire + Warlord Kill + LineB)


Very close game and really well played by Edward for his first few times with a brand new army

The resilience of the decurion formation makes it really hard to kill units off quickly

Harlequins are monsters in CC

Based on the past few games, if the game ends early, Necrons are generally at a disadvantage

Read on for the closing fluff!


The Phaeron rose from his throne, disbelieving, as the Shadowseer emerged from the shadows surrounding in the corner of the throne room. 

"Adversary, it's impressive that you made it this far, but suicide is never the best way to accomplish a mission." he said, summoning Wraiths from the shadows with a gesture.

"We never came here to kill you, or to destroy your world, Necron." said the Shadowseer, as she slowly found herself cornered by the constructs.

"Interesting. What is your purpose here?"

"We know that you fight the Great Devourer, and would seek to give you aid."

"Lies. I remember your kind well, Eldar. The apocalypse would come before you would ever ally with us."

"And would you not have said the same of the humans you now work with? The Great Devourer is the apocalypse, Necron, and a wise ruler uses every tool at his disposal."

"I will consider it." said the Phaeron, and dismissed her with a wave. Wrapped up in the whip coils of the Canoptek Wraiths, the Shadowseer was unceremoniously carried from the throne room....

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