Friday, May 2, 2014

1800 Points of Night Goblins

Just got back from a 2 week break to Japan so have not really been working extensively on my models. I did however get some time yesterday evening to break out my Night Goblins for an upcoming campaign called Blood in the Badlands. 

The only exception to the norm is that you need to include 2 special characters. I looked at my OAG book and found that the two cheapest Lord and Hero. So here you have it, Skarsnik and Snaggla, leading my 1800 points of Night Goblins. 

I will be playing some Fantasy between my 40k gaming just to throw a little diversity into my gaming diet. 

The horde gathers again

Fresh in the box. Sure glad I didn't sell them off! 
Work still continues on my Eldar in preparation for my game on 12th May with Abdullah as the store has a fully painted policy.

Also, Sam will be running a narrative campaign for 40k really soon. He has already sent me the draft and I am hoping to draw in some committed players for this 3 turn campaign. I will let Sam fill everyone in. 

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