Sunday, April 27, 2014

Taurox Prime: Fire Engines of the Imperium

The Taurox, definitely one of the more controversial kits in recent times. You either loved it or totally loathed it. But like many GW kits it would eventually fit into the range as we get used to the model and accept the fluff in the wider scheme of the 40K universe. 

I honestly vomitted in my mouth the first time I saw the leaked pics. And I thought to myself that's money saved. But as I looked at the model in various colorways it slowly settled down as an "ok" model. 

Initially I contemplated painting up the Scions & Taurox the same as my main Guard army, Cadians which were blue and white. But after reading the fluff and the Militarum Tempestus codex I realized that they operated more like an external strike force from the usual Guard regiments. So I wanted to paint them up as striking and different as the rest of my Guard regiments. (Cadians were Blue, Catachans were Green/Grey and Steel Legion were Russian Green). 

I settled on a Red & White colour scheme to make them stand out from the normal grunts. And went on to do a little research on real world red/white schemes. I then came across my local Civil Defence forces Fire Engines. 
Started out with the usual Black Primer and worked straight into the airbrushing. Did a basic post shading with white and then the model was hit with a generous spray of Vallejo Model Air Italian Red. I also worked on the armour of the Scion troopers as well.

 The next highlight step was with Vallejo Model Air Orange.

 Working the details I began with the metal areas with Citadel Mithril Silver.
 Followed by the usual black wash all over to shade and dull it down. I used Army Painter Dark Tone. Which is extremely similar to the old Citadel range of washes Badab Black. So similar i suspect it's the exact same stuff. It even smells the same. Don't take my word for it go smell it for yourself.
 After all the shade was dried I applied the White colours. With my usual method of painting white, Citadel Astronomican Grey followed by a few coats of Vallejo Model Colour Foundation White.

After all the paint was dry I put on the transfers and the model was all set.
Now my own Fire Engines are ready to get into firefights of their own!

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