Monday, May 5, 2014

Work on the Eldar Continues

I have been setting aside about an hour each day after work to complete as much of the 1850 of Eldar. As much as I would like them to reach 100% completion, I reckon they will only be finished to tabletop quality, i.e lacking some detail/highlights.

Props goes to GW for making such beautiful kits. The War Walkers and Wraithknight are so detailed. It is a joy to paint these things. Here are some WIP shots.

War Walkers all base coloured and ready for the detail work

Wraithknight ready for preshading and base coat of purple
Added the preshade to the main chassis

Preshaded all weapons for the War Walkers and Wraithknight

Including spare arms
I have gone on to do more work on the Wraithknight and War Walkers but forgot to snap pictures! Hopefully be able to snap a few photos during my game later today to let you see. YC and myself will be playing a 1850 this evening so I will post a batrep tomorrow.

Enjoy your week people! 

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