Friday, April 4, 2014

Eldar Revenant Titan WIP

Finally my Revenant Titan arrived! Breaking it out of the bags, I soaked it in dishwashing liquid and warm water, took an old toothbrush and cleaned the parts. 

I felt like an archaeologist putting this together
Putting it together was quite a challenge initially. Knowing which parts went where took me awhile to figure out between looking at pictures and videos online. This is not an easy kit.

There were a lot of flashing so I took to it with vigour and in some parts may have damaged it a little so am going to have to grab a bottle of liquid greenstuff.

Slight over zealous shaving

Test fitted some of the larger components like the guns
With this kit, I suggest you work on it between smaller projects. I was painting my War Walkers while I was gluing this kit. It allows you to let the glue settle before coming back to it.

As I was building the model, I noticed that the legs just did not stay in place for long. A slight nudge and it all came apart. Whipped out my drill bit, a thick paper clip and voila.

Added a pin to the lower part of the limb

Painted the tip and dot the internal joint, ensuring a good fit

Jammed the pin in and it's done. Both sides ran flush to the knee cap
The next stage were the arms. I had pre-purchased a KR Multicase EL12 foam to house my Titan. This case will require me to keep the arms separate (which is good in the event I wanted to opt for the Sonic Lances). I needed to magnetize.

Trimmed off and flattened the joint

Added magnets into the sockets

Jammed the largest magnet I had into greenstuff 

Smoothed the joints but not too concerned since it's all hidden in the gun.

Used greenstuff to help bond the legs to the lower chassis
The hardest part for me was the posing of this model mainly due to the heavy resin. It was also hard because each part affects the pose. For example, the torso and feet are going to be heavily influenced by the actual position of the legs. However, the legs are also heavily influenced by the torso and feet. So which comes first? Bluetack came to the rescue and I finally decided with the pose above. 

Anyone have any clue what these parts are for? 
I am letting most of the parts cure for the moment and will update once I move on to the next stage. I want to finish this model together with the Wraithknight and paint them simultaneously since I will be using the airbrush.

Targetting to get the base coats done with pre-shading.

I also found this resource to be extremely helpful. He has a very complete almost step by step guide to the project:


  1. Looking fantastic, man! Great build!

    1. Thanks! Really looking forward to completing it. Lots of work though

  2. Going big, huh? ^^ It's a great model, I am sure you will enjoy painting it.

    I think those teeny parts are just for decoration.

    1. Lol yes! We are doing quite a lot of apocalypse so I just have to get this model. Love it. What about you?



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