Wednesday, April 2, 2014

BatRepPat: Gamersaurus Rex - Singapore 40K ETC Team Tournament

Introducing our newest correspondent, Pat. Our gaming days goes back to WarmaHordes before I relocated to Hong Kong for work and he was my regular sparring partner. Always a competitive player, Pat continued the chase in 40k. He knows the 40k rules really well and can recite mumbo jumbo in sleep. Of course, you would have seen his army here.

One of Pat's armies.
Without further ado, I will let Pat take over.

BatRepPat: On 22 March 2014 at Gamersaurus Rex, ran the first 40k ETC style tournament. The event was attended by 24 players who were drafted into 4 teams comprising 6 players each. Drafting began 2 weeks before the actual day and each Captain (I was one of them) managed to pick a decent team. It was a full day of fun and excitement for everyone as each team tried to outsmart the other team. 

Pat's team
I fielded a Fleshhound rush army for this event with 3 units of 20 hounds, 2 units of horrors and and 2 Daemon princes. Although I didn't particularly feel comfortable using it as I felt it was not versatile enough, the pairing for my 3 games were in my favor. During my first match up, I came up against Chris Koh from Malaysia who was using a leafblower Imperial Guard list. It was a good match as I was able to swarm his chimera and heavy tanks before he could deal substantial damage. In the end I won 14-0. However we could only secured 3 wins and 3 losses. 
Pat's first game with Chris Koh

That is a frightening amount of dogs.

Who let the dogs out?!

In the second match-up, we were against my ex-team mate Keith Lee's team. Keith, Nick Leong and I were from the same team (Team Losers) that won last year's team Championship, but fate decided to pull a fast one on us this time round by splitting us up. This time I got paired up against another Malaysian player Quek, who was using Space Marines. I managed to rush him again and secured a 11-0 win, while my team managed to score 3 wins, 2 losses and a draw, earning us a good chance to win the title going into the last match. At this point we were tied with Keith's team for top placing at 13 points, while the other 2 teams were at 12 and 10 respectively. It was going to be tight. During the break, I told my team that if we can get 4 wins, we will be Champions. However, fate decided to pull another fast one...

Our last match was against the team that was at the last spot after 2 rounds. However, we did not manage to secure the wins we needed. I was paired against Taudar for the last game, the player was a new guy called Nick Tay who just started not too long ago, but anyone who fought Taudar knows that this is a top ranking army and I could not take it easy with the title on the line. After a protracted game, I managed to edge him out by playing the scenario and came in at 15-12. Alas, our team lost the remaining 4 games with only 2 wins, and with that, Keith's team took the Champion Cup.

I felt my team did well, in hind sight I should had let my other teammates face different players as some of their match-up were not in our favor. Regardless of the result, I am proud of my team and I could not have wish for any other. Here are who my team mates were and what they were using: 
1) Myself (Chaos Daemon) 
2) Gavin (Space Marine, Tau, Inquisition)
3) Daryl (Taudar) 
4) Raymond (Necron, Orks) 
5) Elijah (Chaos Space Marines, Imperial Guard) 
6) Mark Hamid (Eldar)

It was a great event and we look forward to the next!

Here are some pictures that Zach Ong took for the event. They are out of order unfortunately but they are pretty! 


  1. Great stuff! Singapore has a big 40K crowd, awesome looking game stores AND pizza? I may have to move!

    1. LOL yes, do come and play with us! Always fun to meet new people and since flights are now so reasonable, come!



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