Sunday, June 13, 2010


I had completed my committed vehicle. The drop pod.  Teaser picture below.

You can see more pictures and some tools I use when painting this drop pod over at my blog.

Daniel (Beardy one) also posted his "SPARTAN!" scouts for the Tale of 6 Armies 1st challenge over here. He completed his scouts on time but did not post them due to faulty internet connection.

A preview of his SPARTAN! scouts.


sorry I cant resist...


  1. I love the professional finish on the drop pod! I will never be able to achieve that because I've always been a brush painter. And I have a couple of drop pods arriving myself! Guess my next purchase is an airbrush. After seeing so many painters switching to it. It's high time I progressed alobg as well! Please recomend an airbrush kit for me to buy! And how much roughly and where to buy it. Thanks!

    Also where did you get your mig pigments from?

    Great job on the pod!

  2. Thx beef Nuggets. I got the mig pigments from hobby link Japan.

    Airbrush there are many brands and different nozzle size and feed system. Smaller nozzle size can spray finer/thinner lines. Nozzle size range from 0.15-0.5mm.

    Feed system you can read their advantages from

    Currently I have try only 2 brands of airbrushes Hobby Mate - a local or taiwanese brand. Cheap price but uneven weight distribution.

    GSI Creos/Mr Hobby - a Japanese brand. I have 2 of this brand airbrush, a 0.4mm and a 0.2mm. I find this brand good. Solid build and comfortable to use. The price will depend on the amt of functions the airbrush includes. More functions more expensive.

    I bought mine from this link.

    Another brand I am considering is Harder & Steenbeck. Heard good reviews from various websites and youtube review about their range of airbrushes.

    You can find more information here.

  3. I agree that the finish is very professional. Looked like something out from a factory. Nice work on the finish, looks very realistic. Airbrush helps so much!

  4. Very nicely done man :))) I like it lots, especially the very realistic effects on the Drop Pod fins! You have good skill with the airbrush too man! Can't wait to see more :)

  5. YC, can you teach me how to airbrush? We can work on the terrain you have at home.

  6. hahaha thx, I'm still a noob at airbrushing...

    In my opinion, there are 2 impt things when airbrushing, the thickness of the paint and control of airbrush.

    Some paints need a min thinner:paint ratio to be able to spray out. If not thin enough the paint cant be spray out or you will spray "Spider web" out. If you over thin the paint, it can be use to produce subtle shading/highlights. Over thin paint also can produce dripping paint markings which need to be corrected.

    Control of airbrush is spraying paint where you want it. Its more or less practice and getting used to your airbrush. Adjusting the knob at the end of airbrush also help in controlling the spread of the paint.

    I will not go into compressor psi setting as I only has a lousy compressor which output a fixed pressure...

    But what I learned is when buying a compressor always go for 1 that has an air tank. The air tank will maintain constant output air pressure. compressor with no air tank initial pressure output will always be higher (Due to the moisture regulator) which can lead to undesirable effect.

  7. Knob...hehehe

    Half those things you said in there were very technical but thankfully I understood them! Yes, YC is currently our airbrush 101 guru. I will volunteer to airbrush the terrain at your place!

  8. YC what do you use to set the weathering pigments?
    Most of the time after I spray a dull coat 80% of my weathering is gone.

    I need to go over again and again......

  9. I use the Pigment Fixer by 'MIG Productions'.

    Its enamel based, so dont use it on models painted with enamel paints. Acrylics and Lacquer
    paints are fine.

    Link & picture where i bought the pigment fixer.



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