Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stuff in the Post

Just received some stuff in the post.

I made a massive order in the recent 17% sale from Maelstrom. Looks like they were out of stock on most things but they did send out my stuff in two packages. The first arrived today.

The GF9 Tac template is good for horde armies. 2" will help me keep those gaunts separate from those pie plates. Also, I got another Broodlord. 


  1. Hmm I think I will get the tac template while the 15% is still on till 13th june (code:summertime).

    I also got quite some orders still not here. Think they get overloaded with orders with their recent madness sale.

  2. Yeah I know. GBP was low and GW raised their prices, so that 17% really came in timely.

  3. huh...those templates are all in the 25% off section in my FLGS...may get one.

  4. How do you guys know the codes to get extra discounts?

  5. You order once and they have your contact. They then send you the codes.

    Sytus, get it!

  6. Thats strange i ordered from them before but received no such emails.

    Well as long as you guys constantly ppat the voucher codes here i guess it'll be good enough for me!

    I can smell my baneblades on the horizon.....

  7. @Beef Nuggets
    when you go to their home page, on the right hand side of the page, around centre look for this (just below the EVENTS FORUMS link)


    subscribe your e-mail!

    type your email in the box and you will receive the discount code if there are any promotions.

  8. Yeah, I think I did the same. In fact, we should do bulk purchase all together. Since we are all on this forum, should certainly do a shout out when someone decides to order. Discounts add up when you go beyond GBP200.



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