Friday, May 19, 2017

Shenlong vs Parker Barrows - 35SS Malifaux Battle

Had the opportunity to play with Eugene. Flipped for Schemes and Strats and I chose the 3 in the 3rd picture. Overall it was a really good game and I am beginning to see the Shenlong crew synergy. I managed to upgrade Sensei Yu a little more this time with The Peaceful Waters, a 0SS upgrade. That brought a little more to my Low River Monks making this list quite tanky a build.

I started building up Focus and Fire early on with Shenlong and Sensei Yu using Mighty Gust powered my Lone Swordsman up by giving him Fast. Considering I had Recall Training on the Swordsman, I gambled throwing him into Eugene's crew to severely weaken his Master, Parker Barrows. 

Just before I made the decision to charge the Swordsman in Turn 1
Unfortunately, the gamble did not pay off and I lost the Swordsman as a result. Keeping him back would have made a better play considering he is Bulletproof making him the hardest target to kill. Lesson learnt!

Rules conundrum
At the end of Turn 2, we had a conundrum. I had the 3 Schemes and Strats below. And if you look at the picture above, you will see that I have in total enough Scheme Markers to accomplish both Claim Jump and Set Up.

Although we ruled it in Eugene's favour where I cannot score both Schemes, our Henchman actually showed up with evidence that would have allowed me to score.

"There is a description of how to score multiple schemes at the end of the game (page 74). While it doesn't explicitly cover end of turn scheme I would treat them the same way, i.e. the scoring player selects one scheme and resolves it fully (including removing any markers) before moving to the next one."

Edit: page 93 in the Rules Manual

From the forum

An act of desperation! 

Eventually the loss of the Swordsman and the rest of my horrible playing led to Eugene coming out winning by 9-6. Better luck next time! 

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