Saturday, May 13, 2017

Malifaux: Gaming with the You Kai

Managed to finally catch the elusive You Kai (Cai) for a game! He goes around this place by the nickname CrazyRat. We arranged for a game at my place and he brought along his models. 

Managed to put some primer on the drunken masters
It was a 35SS boxed game but YC brought along a few models outside of his box. I stuck to mine to keep it simple and learn the basics of Shenlong.
These were our Schemes and Strategies. I picked Claim Jump and Leave your Mark

Shenlong and crew visiting the Graves

The plan was to use the triple attacks of the High River Monks while keeping the Peasants dropping markers

To prevent YC from claiming a marker, I moved my Peasant way up to not only move one of my own but also to interfere with his 

The Monk stood little chance against the Flesh Golem

It was a Master showdown
At the end of the game, we tied for 3-3! YC could have won by charging his Death Rider into my High River Monk but chose to hang back. This allowed me to move it up and stay within 2" of the marker.

I will very likely switch out the High River Monks. I just couldn't make them work...

Other than that, I seem to be learning the passing of upgrades from Shenlong to Sensei Yu. 

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