Saturday, April 15, 2017

Malifaux - Outcasts vs Ten Thunders Henchman Hardcore

Managed to get a game of Henchman Hardcore with the missus today. I put two lists together (based on beating face as my priority). 

Ten Thunders: Ototto, Obsidian Oni, Lone Swordsman and High River Monk
Outcasts: Rusty Alyce, Johan, Desperate Mercenary and Strongarm Suit

TT went for a more defensive deployment with the shooting I had at my disposal.

Pushed up my Desperate Merc to draw out her Swordsman. Countered with Johan only to have the Swordsman limp on 1 wound

She brought in Ototto to beat down on Johan and I countered with the Strongarm Suit. Alyce came in to finish the Swordsman

At the end of the game, it was a 6-6 when both our Henchmen were taken out
Hilarious when both my wife and I drew Black Jokers in a simple melee duel.

She's actually making a list now based on the models I have. I wonder what she's scheming. 

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