Thursday, November 13, 2014

Toxicrene and Maleceptor - Magnetized

Popped into Titan yesterday to pick up my White Dwarf and then it rained. Had some spare time to kill so picked up the Toxicrene kit. Not knowing which to build, I read the WD and decided to build both! 

While I plan to use the Toxicrene more owing to the new Pods incoming next week (which I ordered 3), I wanted to have the flexibility of using the Maleceptor too. 

Build the main body but kept the head apart. 
 More after the jump...

I had also kept the toxic sacs apart. I planned to use magnets initially but later decided to just bluetac them in place

I've added spare sprue internally to attach a magnet which will connect the head to the body

This is an excellent touch by GW. I will be painting this as Blood Angels

This bit will be highly sought after 
Used Green Stuff to hold all of my magnets in place. 
Will update with the parts once they cure. 

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