Monday, November 17, 2014

Toxicrene and Maleceptor Completed

The greenstuff has cured and I thought I would share it you guys (especially Greg Hess and Rico Chia). I think this kit was designed to be magnetized if you just figure it out. Now I am glad I did it because I am sure one day the Maleceptor will become viable and I want to have the option to switch without going out and getting another kit. 


The brains are currently hidden within the toxin sacs which are bluetacked on quite snuggly. I didn't want to remove the toxin sacs until I am certain I will be using the Maleceptor since...

...I will be using this guy more. Granted the tentacles are not on one plane (compare it to the GW version, the tentacles all "rest" at position 0 which is parallel to the ground). I think it makes my Toxicrene more biological and realistic! 

Will be running him more
Two main joints for the magnets, the head stump and the arm socket. 

YC has been working on some commissioned Witches for Defeng

Can't wait to get my hands on these sweet JEANstealers! 

Looks like Chaos does exist!

Hope you guys having a great week of modelling and gaming! Peace! 

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