Friday, March 15, 2013

Batrep: Dust Warfare 300AP Axis vs Axis

Our local Dust Warfare group is organizing a 300AP tournament this April 7th, Sunday at Battle Bunker which is located at Funan.

It has been awhile since I played this game with my 40k craze so I whipped up a 300AP list, bought a few more units and deployed it with Abby (Abdullah). He is bringing 300AP too. 

I went for a far more heavy infantry list than Abby who brought in 2 Medium Walkers and 3 units of Apes with Markus. A nasty nasty list for sure. It was certainly competitive but I welcome it. 

We bid for the deployment type which is the 9" zones. The mission was one from the Hades book which is what our tournament is based on. At the end of the game you get points equivalent to the number of wounds of units within 12" of the mid-point of the table (i.e. the Space Marine's bald head). 

Abby's deployment

My deployment
Kept my Snipers on the roof levels and hid the rest of my men hidden behind terrain or in area terrain.

Zombies led the way, apes on the left flank

In the Command phase Abby deleted my Ludwig in one lucky round of shooting
 I rushed my army up to capture the middle point.

Lost my Spotter in Turn 1

My deployment and Turn 1

Advanced most of infantry into cover while advancing up field. 

Abby moves his army up in Turn 1 to counter my Apes after destroying my Ludwig in Command 1

Dakka Dakka

March up men! 

Turn 3 I pushed up most of my units within 12" of the objective

Abby moved his right flank up (my left flank) to threaten my Battle Grenadiers behind the barricade

It was a mid range shootout and Abby's army had the upperhand with superior firepower


At Turn 5, I moved as much as possible within range of the Objective and provide reaction to Abby moving up

Abby's good use of terrain really hampered my shooting while his shooting destroyed me

Markus and friends were now within assault range. Ouch time

The lone Zombie tries to take on the Ludwig on his own...

At Turn 5 Abby moved in to wrap things up
I didn't manage to take too many pictures for this game as I was still trying to get back into Dust Warfare. I hope the pictures above entertained you at least!

My list still struggles in the shooting game at the moment. I am planning to reshuffle my units to benefit more from the Platoon Orders as well.

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