Friday, April 29, 2011

WIP: Zenithal Grey Knights part one

After 2 days of intense painting I have finally finished painting the never ending details found in these new miniatures.

Gamesworkshop have done a phenomenal job in the sculpts of the GK. Too much maybe because I've never spent so much time painting details in my life!!!

Nonetheless they are now ready for the next and final stage of the painting.

Airbrushed power weapons and of cause the important OSL effect from the power weapons.


  1. I share ur paint of never ending details with my wolves. They got so much wolf bling they could pass for being rappers in the 41st M.

    Were these done with washes as well?

  2. thats fast, more clearly and close up pictures.

  3. @J-hova No they were painted with traditional painting techniques.

    Only thing different was the armour which used the zenithal style of shading. So the armour here that you see has not been washed or highlighted. In short, no treatment has been done to the armour since the initial airbrush coat.

    @crazyrat I dont really understand your post? You want clearer and close up shots of the miniatures is it? Can no problem once I get around to taking pics tonight right before the OSL airbrush stage!

  4. Beefnuggets, maybe try turning off the flash in your dc? seems like the flash is too bright! btw, whats zenthithal?

  5. ah yes thx, I was sleepy when typing that last night lol...

  6. @ J-hova, Zenithal Painting is a method of painting.

    Best explained extract from the WAMP forums.

    "Zenithal lighting is a term used to describe how light falls on a miniature in a certain way. Zenithal is when the light is portrayed as shining down on the miniature from above (the Zenith) usually in a Halo patern. Zenithal lighting creates much more contrast on a miniature with enhanced shadows that helps the eye read the miniature better."

    I'm trying out this technique and it has produced quite convincing effects while cutting down painting time!

    Like I mentioned the silver armour is as is from the Zenithal method of airbrushing. No further highlighting or shading required. Just a one step approach!



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