Thursday, April 28, 2011

20 min nids

speed paint trial model. this only took 15 minutes do joke.


  1. Painting by washes is a fantastic innovation. All my marines are done with just washes. Not counting the time it takes to dry, I'd say its about 15 minutes per guy as well.

    Yours is nicely done, nice use of Asurman Blue.

  2. There's another method that will produce more convincing wash results. Although it does include one more step but I feel it's well worth it.

    Wash the entire model with watered down badab black. Once completely dry, give it a dry brush of white. With heavier whites on more pronounced raided areas. This produces a "greyscale model".

    Now go back and wash the model with whatever colour you desire. Trust me. It will look as though you went through a few stages of shading!

    Give it a try!

  3. Cool nids. Literately since it's blue.

    I wanna see more MOAR!

  4. thanks guys, this is the first nid I've ever done. figured I'd start with a bigger model.

    @ beefnuggets, do you mean after I prime the model white, wash the whole thing with badab black before any other color washes are applied? please let me know.

    Yes ray, I am trying to speed paint a small nid force. I wanna buy gargoyles next.

  5. Strange force you building...I strongly suggest doing an army list and then painting the models to reach the target...

    going in haphazard will just net you lots of unused miniatures and time.

  6. Yup first step after priming the models white is the black wash!

    Then dry brush white to make the raised areas more pronounced.

    I remember seeing a thread in either the dakka or watered forums. Titled "fun with washes". Go see if you can find it. Once you get a hang of it it will change your painting life! I used this method on my Mantic Undead models! super fast!

  7. *farseer. Not watered forums, stupid spellchecks!



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