Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tyranids - Prime Painting

Worked on my Tyranid Prime conversion yesterday evening. After blocking out the main colours, I have begun the inking and streaking the armour. Below are WIP pictures.

From this angle my Prime looks like he has two horns. It actually has only one. 

Base blocked out colours.

Rear view


  1. good show ray... did you use glossy black on the carapace? maybe its just the camera but I think your color breed of nids (deep space i think evolution) looks good with that glossy black fading into the purple highlights... Matte toned nids would more so fit the kraken color scheme of red and tan.

  2. Thanks dood! Could be the lighting as the carapace looks really shiny!

  3. paint the bone swords and talons!!!

  4. Thanks Captain Obvious!

    Working on it except my Scab Red is DRYYYYYYY

  5. The Prime is lookin' great so far Ray :) I like shiny shell-like effect of the carapace too.

  6. permission to come aboard captain! LOL

    chey thought you posting complete warrior prime...
    your nids always suffer from "dryness"



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