Tuesday, March 1, 2011

librarian dreadnought conversion part 3

The whole model has been repainted in base colors just to see if the scheme works. I think it kinda looks like optimus prime... I'm kinda feeling meh about it... any thoughts? need help with colors... Also got rid of the sword. I gave it some psychic fire ball and I'm looking to find a lance of some sort... obviously I'm leaning towards wings of sang. and blood lance... hahahaha


  1. definitely reminiscent of optimus, maybe just go completely blue? where did you get that fireball?

  2. LOL I like the fact that it is so poseable! Is that really your colour scheme? Why is he blue? He is meant to be Blood Angels...what about a Red with Golden trims? Makes him more regal.

  3. I like the "power" effects in the 3rd,4th pic.

  4. Oh yeah! I like the power effects too! The Dreadnought is coming along very nicely :) The pose in pics 6 & 7 are really heroic looking!

  5. @enrgie - librarians typically wear blue armour

    i think the spacers at the arms really add to it's overall menace as well



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