Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Grey Knights! And Wayland offer extended!

All the new GK stuff are now up on pre-order! And Wayland Games free shipping offer just got extended another week!
OMG..... I think i need 3 more Stormravens....

pics from GW website


  1. And they are all plastics! oooooo I am tempted...

  2. Don't be. Just whack. I confirm ordering a small 2k force to add to my existing GK dreadnought and rhinos. I still have an entire inquisitorial retinue and tech servers.

    Let's see, 2 storm ravens. 2 dread knights. 2 GK. 2 GK Termies should do nicely.

  3. I feel very guilty now after making some impulse buys... regret closing my eyes and whack... spending future money For Teh Lose!

  4. Lol what happened? You bought too much? Good time though since our sing dollar is high! I still have a lot of minis in boxes. Lol! Must sit down and construct!

  5. We have upgraded to "buy more than you can ever build in your lifetime" tier... lol

  6. Yup, I just ordered Grey Knights stuff before the freeshipping Wayland offer ended.

    New army for me again haha! Hopefully all the silver will not take to long considering the small army of Terminators I'm planning to build!



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