Friday, February 11, 2011

NEWS: Grey Knights Spotted!~

Breaking news! I just got this from Heresy Online []. Link for the original post.

These are pictures of the new Grey Knights army. Blurry but this is the rumoured new unit the GK has. It's called the Dreadknight and it looks taller than the Land Raider!

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Codex Cover


Dreadknight taller than the Land Raider! It looks like the walker from the Matrix! Dakka dakka! 


  1. WOW good find very shiny indeed! dreadknight yummy!!! Anyway the rumoured rules I read are insane...

    template JOTWW, every vehicle can cast ignore stun/shaken psychic, summoning - DS no scatter 12" next to caster, cleansing fire - enemy models all wounded on 4+ in start of assault phase, and many others

  2. wow..... gamesworkshop crossover with gundam or transformer...

  3. The dreadknight looks like a bloody transformer! lol. That's BAD.

  4. i can't stop looking at this in disgust... anyone could of stuck a gw pilot model into a bumblebee or optimus prime toy, paint it silver and call it a day... yes, dreadnoughts look like walking recycle bins but AT THE VERY LEAST, it is still gw original... if anyone should have a suit like this, let it be the tau... wack to the power of 1000...

    the worst designs are spammed designs...

  5. Haha you guys have to give them a chance! Let's wait for the real thing to come out!

  6. I like it ALOT! I will get at least 1, maybe 2 hmmm maybe 3. Too shiny to resist hahaha!!!



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