Friday, February 25, 2011

Conversion - Tyranid Prime

Jason and I have committed to a 1 week showdown. To encourage each of us to put time into building our armies, we have committed to building and painting a model this week. It will go on for a few weeks so anyone is welcomed to join in! Just commit (to yourself just as much as us) and you will be part of the weekly reports!

I am committing my Prime Warrior which was converted from the standard Nid Warrior with home-made Boneswords. I took the swords from Ogre Bulls from the Fantasy range and snipped them so that they join in with the Spinefist arms. I then covered the joins using greenstuff, plastic cement and a spare armour plate. The result is what you see here.

Did a forked tail in liew of the bigger creatures



  1. Hey! That Tyranid Prime looks familiar ;) He looks great on the close ups man!

    I'm re-assembling my old Space Marines, and will be painting them up too. I'll be glad to join up and commit to a 10 man Tac Squad to be done up in the Dark Angels scheme :)

  2. ray i like that blade... very meat carving butcher like... keep up the works man... u gotta post more WIP!

    AWESOME!!! Dark Angels!!! paint paint paint!!! lol

  3. I thought so too! I shall call my Prime Mitkleeva!

    Sam: awesome! That's what Jay and I were hoping some of you would do. Come join in the fun! Post your WIP. I will do likewise.

    Once the models are done, I invite each of you to update your Army Profile.

  4. lol Mc cleever making him irish... they come with free upgrades for an appetite of alcoholic destruction

  5. Wanted a more Alien name to scientific name.

  6. Will do man :)

    Kewl sounding name btw hehe! Reminds me of one of the warcraft bosses Musel'ek (aka muscle ache) lol!

    But Tyranids have some really cool names given by humans like Red Terror. You could name your Prime something similar.

  7. me me me !!!
    I want to join, I will commit the BALLS pre...
    Baal predator with flame storm turret.

  8. aiya think so hard... just name it "nom nom"

    come here nom nom, time to eat lascannon!



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