Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thousand Sons vs. Space Wolves - Battle Report

After decades of hunting, the Space Wolves finally track down and engage Ahriman of the Thousand Sons. Here on the frozen tundra of some unknown backwater planet the two ancient enemies clash once again. The Wolves looking to finish the job they started ten thousand years ago on Prospero, and the Thousand Sons looking to exact vengeance for the heinous crime committed against them on their homeworld.

See the battle report here:


3x Rubric Marines (9/10/10) w/ Bolt of change
3x Rhinos w/ Extra Armour, (2 w/ havoc launchers 1 w/ 2x bolters)
3x Obliterators
2x Obliterators
2x Obliterators

The obliterators 'counted as' sorcerers because under the 4th edition chaos codex a pure Thousand Sons army has 1 option and barely any true flavour.


  1. Love the report Alex! I don't know why the image disappeared so I relinked it for you (albeit a different image). More eye level shots please! Love the terrain you guys did! We in Singapore are doing our best!

  2. Agreed the terrain is great. Certainly a bit different.

    Those wolves look good. Any chance of a recipe?

  3. so... i lost to the champ... Prospero will be raised to the ground. again... when i find out how... lol

    As usual, battling alex is a pleasure. I owe a lot of 40k tutelage to him and ray. I would say these are the people I battled with most often.

    couple of big mistakes I made:

    1. forgot about 3+ negation on my rune priests to stop the psy powers of Ahriman aka "iluvmen" in fenrisian tongue.

    2. still havn't really grasped the concept of drop podding assault terminators. how do i weather the storm so i can hit up close?

    3. same deal with skyclaws... the point is, deep strike is to get close. it seems deep striking to the rear and moving up is the best way. so coming in from the edge vs deep strike is the debate.

    Anyhow, after the defeat, I will write a tactica later on the skyclaws. If there is a will, there is a way...

  4. i am personally not a very big fan of deepstrike simply cause I end up splitting my army into bits that I cannot predict when they will arrive. Alternatively you can make the decision to drop them to bolster your own lines if they come too early. When they arrive at the correct time, then drop them in at the heart of the enemy (assuming your army has engaged a large part of your opponent).

  5. Deepstriking heavy with tyranids is best used with the Swarmlord or a Hive Tyrant with the 'Hive Commander' trait. This allows you to re-roll failed reserve rolls and thus allow everything to more or less arrive on T2.

    Same (only better) with the Ultramarine character 'Tigurius'. He allows you to re-roll reserve rolls, even successful ones. So it basically means what ever you want arrives whenever you want.

    If you take only 1 or 2 squads deepstriking and leave it up to simple fate then yes, chances are things arrive piecemeal and get picked off one at a time.



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