Thursday, December 16, 2010

Batrep: High Elves vs Vampire Counts

Played a 2500 point game at Games Garage with Justin (no. 1 player seeded player in Singapore). Great game with a great guy. If you get the chance to play with him, you will learn a lot. He is also very nice and teaches you during the game. Top player, top attitude! And beautifully painted army too.

Head on over to for the battle report.

I love the turn counter! Anyone ordering stuff please let me know so I can include it in your order!

Drop comments people! It keeps me doing this!


  1. Why did your white lions charge the wraiths?
    White lions have magical attacks?

    Does fantasy have the within 6" cannot rally rule?

  2. Korhil was actually in that unit. I've actually revised a list to mitigate ethereal creatures. I used to run in my unit of dragon princes wi the amulet of light. Never again I'm leaving ulthuan without it



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