Friday, December 10, 2010

Magnus Hunters WIP

Wow... I have definitely been pushing myself on warhammer overdrive. I've been working on 20 grey hunters which I mixed chaos bits with. 13th co. is cool but I wanted the shoulder pad markings to somehow fit with my existing space wolves color theme.

Not an expert on the fluff but I assembled and painted these grey hunters as a space wolf company on extended patrol around the edges of the eye of terror. They've picked up chaos buts but have had the time to paint them into space wolves color. I must say this is very experimental for me but I guess they turned out alright. the light source is pretty dramatic... my guys aren't really that dark... I just got studio light beaming at it so my stupid blackberry camera can focus lol...

15 more to go... woohoo


  1. I'm loving it! I thought you farmed out all your painting! LOL!

  2. Thanks bro...You mean delegated to china? lol... nah... for one offs or special builds I'll still do them myself. I just can't do plain vanilla ones in massive quantities.

    I'm looking forward to giving the wolf mounts a good personal painting treatment.

  3. nice looking grey hunters there.

    *mini rant*

    OP!!! SW OP!!! lol



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