Sunday, October 14, 2018

Gamestart - A Time of Legends Game 2

Scenario 2: Cut to the Heart
The second match was called and I was paired up with Mark. He played Chaos and had an Imperial Knight with a ton of infantry to support. 

I went for something a bit different this time, mounting all my Slamcaptains into the Stormraven. Unfortunately, I have obviously not used the SR enough because when Mark downed my flyer, each 1 would mean the character dies. Thankfully, I managed to pass those tests.

Secondary objectives for Ray
Mark for Death: Berserkers,  Obliterators, Noise Marines (he only had 4 units above 7 PL)
Titan Slayers
Kingslayer: Demon Prince

Mark chose
Butchers' Bill
Mark for Death: Death Company, Mephiston, Shield Captain, Storm Raven

I shot the SR deep into his lines
Did this mainly to put pressure on his firebase and also to threaten his objectives since he currently had 2 out of 3, helping him pull in front in the Primaries.

I took first turn and Forlorn Hope my DC into charge range of his Nurglings

Meanwhile the Shield Captains went down the other flank 

Mark surrounded his IK with cultists

Advancing up the centre of table, the IK took position to down Lemartes and the DC

Even the Demon Prince came in with the help of the Chaos Lord to take my DC out

Counter charged by a Stooping Dive
Glad I managed to squeeze in a game with Andrew last week prior to the tourney. He highlighted that I should consider 2 Strategems, one of which would allow me to make a charge at the cost of 3 CP's. This charge proved to be critical as I sent my Shield Captain in to remove 4 of his Berserkers prior to them striking me. This blunt his attack

By the time they were free to support the middle, we ran out of time.
Mark and I managed to only get to Turn 2.

Primary: 4 Ray, 9 Mark
Secondary: 6 Ray, 8 Mark
Total: 10 Ray, 17 Mark

Mark took this game and again, it was a very good game simply because we were very relaxed while we played.

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