Thursday, December 14, 2017

Quickrep: Blood Angels vs Orks

With the Blood Angel codex out for the 8th edition and a boat load of my old minis not having seen much action, Raymond Nguan and myself hit the table at Dueller's Point to get a 1000 point game in. Using the ITC ruleset and scenario, we played Capture and Control. 

I wanted to try out the following list:
  • Lemartes
  • Sanguinary Priest 
  • 15 Death Company all armed with Chain Sword and Bolt Pistols
  • 3 Aggressors with Storm Gauntlets and Grenade Launchers (still building so was proxied by Terminators)
  • 5 Devastators all armed with Lascannons
  • 5 Tactical Marines with Heavy Flamer and Bolters
  • 5 Tactical Marines with Heavy Flamer and Bolters
My opponent brought 
  • 3 units of 30 Slugga Orks 
  • 3 Shamans 
  • Shield Ork
  • Painboy
A very straightforward list, and away we go! 


That's a massive horde
Turn 1 was probably where I made a huge mistake. I was not aware that the Aggressors can shoot twice if they didn't move! Worse still, the Orks had the first turn and deploying them so far out allowed the Shaman to take one of them out. Ouch!

Death Company arrives
Dropping them right behind the Ork lines was a good idea until I realise that the trade off was not that good. Granted I did manage to take out the characters, in return it allowed the Orks to pile in and take the unit out.
Bottom of Turn 2
The Orks made into my lines and I had little to hit back. Also, not reading the Objectives properly cost me 1 VP as I needed to kill off 3 units, not 2. At Turn 3, I called it and the Baalites returned to their Thunderhawks.

Key changes coming. Will be experimenting with the following:

  1. Replacing the Tacticals with more Sniper Scouts for backline objective holding
  2. Decreasing the Death Company to 10
  3. Shotgun Scouts

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