Saturday, December 16, 2017

GREX Combat Carnival

Gamersaurus Rex organized a newbie friendly event at 1000 points and I threw in my hat to support them. 

Originally I had planned to bring another list which contained some Genestealers but ended up scrapping the idea when Leon thrashed me convincingly. Looked like that list needed more work so I brought the previous list that i brought to DP's Games Day. 

Game 1

Drew against Lum, also known as the Luminator who speaks in 3rd person. He brought a very skewed list that was more shooty with 3 Venerable Dreads, 2 units of Scouts and 2 characters. 

We played the first mission from Chapter Approved which meant that mobility was key. Thankfully my list is very flexible, allowing me to deploy my Flyers all the way in his lines. 

I managed to move into his table edge and razed all his objectives for 6 VP the first turn. Lum basically gave up after 2 turns. Ouch.

With some spare time, I went around gazing at other armies.

The flash was not planned! 

This was a tad bit more natural
The painter is Wong Wai Liong and he paints really well. Add in his ability to convert, you've got a fantastic army!

Just look at that contrast

All nicely painted
Game 2
Going for Gold
I played a newer player called Ling and he played Orks. Unfortunately for him, my army was really well adapted to deal with large numbers owing to the number of shots I can put out per turn. And in true form, I removed a large part of his army and he was rightfully shocked. Orks really need a new codex.

Elite painting skillz
Just look at that detail
Wai Liong really is quite an amazing painter!

At the end of the day each player were give 2 Raffle Tickets if they win a game, 2 Raffle Tickets if your opponent gave you thumbs up for the game and 2 Raffles Tickets if you have a fully painted army. I got 8 Raffle Tickets but Lady Luck deserted me leaving me with no prizes.

The best thing about this format was that it encouraged a very relaxed environment, people came prepared with efficient lists and all were painted. It was awesome to be surrounded with like minded hobbyist and I was really glad GREX put in the effort to run these events. I will definitely go down for the next one! 

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