Monday, February 27, 2017

The Army is Coming Together

So I have been spending quite a bit of time assembling and painting quite a number of the mandatory pieces for my army. I have also been playing the same army again and again but making small tweaks here and there. Nothing feels better than when you put down the entirely built army and then snap a photo.

Doing this always help me visualise what I have completed and what I need to do. 

These close ups allow me to focus on some of the unpainted stuff

Panning through the army, I find out which ones I have to prioritize

Certain units need more work than others

While others might not survive the end process
As I played more games with the army, a few things were dropped and replaced. The Devastator squad with the Missiles for example were removed and replaced with 2 Grav Cannons and moved into a Rhino instead. It was small tweaks like this that helped hone this army even more and every time it changed, I went back to build more models so I could really field a complete army.

Some of you may think, wow that's a bit silly. What if it does not work? I have been in this hobby for the past 15 years and what I have learned is that units strong today can be weak tomorrow. Vice versa is true too so I just store it away.

As the wife was away for a break, I took the opportunity to get a game in with Andrew. He is one of Tables and Dice's upcoming beardy git for he spots killer combos really quickly. I brought the very same list again.

It would be a Tau vs Space Marine battle

And I went straight for his lines

With ample Melta, I pushed deep into his lines
With that, I finished the game and walked away with another win. I got lucky with some cards, but wow this list seemed to be doing pretty damn well.

Since I had the full day, Marshall came in and had a game with me. I brought the very same list again.

Space Marine vs Space Marine spam
It was interesting. I had more Pods, he had more Rhinos. For those who have been following, Marshall is my sensei when it comes to Space Marines. He has played a heck more with them and definitely is more intimate with them.

Pods were hard for him to move off the points
And secure those objectives I did. It was another convincing victory for this list. Ouch. It looks like this list is better than I expected. 

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