Sunday, February 19, 2017

I Am Back!

Hi guys and apologies for disappearing for such a long time. I got the keys to my new place and got a new job as well. Basically I had no time last year to really sit down and blog the hobby you and I both love so very much. I will use the next few posts to play catch up, so apologies if it seems like we are walking down memory lane. 

Chapter Ancients march to war
When Angel's Blade first landed on my desk, I thought maybe our dear Blood Angels have a fair chance again to shine. Having read the rules, I jumped at the Chapter Ancients - Frag Cannons being able to fire effectively twice the turn they land was too good to pass off.

In they went into my new list

Jason was then my victim

And fight they did

Bit by bit, the Blood Angels was slowly clawing a win

And eventually win they did
Granted, this was with the help of some very Red Marines (I call them Blood Marines), the Chapter Ancients could really hit and kill anything that it landed next to.

Only after that when I played Alan that we realise that the shooting happens before the Dreadnaughts arrive. This meant that if they were coming in using Drop Pods, they can only activate the double shots in the second turn that they are on the table. This meant the Armour 12 Dreads had to sit outside their pods and probably cop it thus blunting the alpha strike I had in mind.

Ah well, back to the drawing board then. 

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