Sunday, February 28, 2016

Space Marines vs Tau (Part Deux)

After my inglorious defeat to Patrick with his Tau, I asked him for another game. He changed his list slightly to adjust for the AusComp, which hopefully would make a more balanced game. My list remained unchanged so I could continue practicing and confirm that it was either good or bad (I am leaning towards bad).

Works goes apace raising a fully painted army

Scouts spread out while the Rhino hides in terrain

Pat's opening move was very aggresive, pushing up midfield

A bold drop led to a scatter that gave Pat the opportunity to put my Marines out of the game

Lovely luck. I can't seem to save 

Promptly losing more Marines

Kept my Fire Raptor to the side to avoid Skyfire which was on his table half

Slowly but surely, I was losing the attrition game

In a desperate gamble, I moved the Fire Raptor up his half to attempt to kill off a unit of Suits
I lost...again. Hmmm, this list may require a lot more work. Assault elements maybe?

I need to continue testing it to confirm but right now I am leaning to a rewrite.

Keith then asked me for a Malifaux game. The last time I tried this I just learned it. This would be the 2nd time I play the game.

The card mechanic is really quite unique. It was a 35 Soulstone game between Misaki of the Ten Thunders vs Kirai of the Ressurectionists.

While I lost the game, it was a really fun game! 
I went back and repainted my Shang while adding more yellow to my Master and her Henchman

Love the models!~ They are actually true scale. 

You guys will be seeing more Malifaux on this blog. I am quite in love with the game. I do need more minions. 

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