Monday, December 21, 2015

Shortrep: Craftworld Altansar vs Space Wolves

Unfortunately I don't have much time these days for a full blown batrep so a short rep with many pictures will just have to suffice! That aside, Wei Jia has not played 40k for awhile now and I was still trying to get back into the jiggy with my Eldar. Would be a good balanced game I hope. 

1850 points, Cloak and Dagger

I take command of my Craftworld Altansar with the following:
Autarch with Fireblade and Banshee Mask on jetbike
Farseer on jetbike
Jetbikes x3
Jetbikes x3
Jetbikes x3
Jetbikes x3
Jetbikes x3
War Walkers x3 with bright lances
Night Spinner
Wraithguard x5 in a Wave Serpent with Scatter Lasers

Wraithknight with D cannons

Aspect Host
Warp Spiders x6 with Exarch
Warp Spiders x6 with Exarch
Swooping Hawks x7 with Exarch

Here are list of models I am missing from the list:
  1. Night Spinner x1
  2. Wraithguard x5
  3. Jetbikes x5

My Eldar army
Weijia brought a friendly Space Wolf list with a Land Raider! Almost made me feel bad...almost

Those Blood Claws rode the Land Raider
I managed to win the 1st turn roll and opted to go first.

Eldar deployment

Space Wolves deployment

Camping dakka dread! 

First Blood to the War Walkers, managing to kill off the Land Raider

In return the Wolves dropped in to take out my Farseer earning him Slay the Warlord

But the Autarch did not hesitate to channel all bikers to take them out
Modellers note: I need to get some of that Privateer Press red/purple. There are two subtle tones of Purple in my army right's called Murderous Magenta. It's got more of a red in it than Vallejo's Warlord Purple

In Turn 3, I spread the army out again

These Wolves are surprisingly hard to kill! And they hit like a ton of bricks, taking out my Warp Spiders
I sent the Spiders to the back lines to help take out the SW Warlord who was hiding in the ruins. I had 2 Objective Cards that required me to kill that bugger off!

With only a few Marines left about the table, I was more relaxed with moving my Jetbikes up the main field

Autarch's Fireblade really handy! 
I ended up with quite a large victory margin owing to the number of cards I was scoring per turn. It didn't help that I managed to pop open that Land Raider in Turn 1. I then controlled a big part of the game as I held back and waited for the Objective Cards to come.

Weijia's list could definitely do with some upgrading considering he brought a super friendly Land Raider. Still, it was a good experience! Hope you guys enjoyed it. 

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