Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Batrep: 1500 Tyranids vs Necrons

This battle actually happened prior to the Final March of the Titans 1500 points tourney at Titan Games - which also unfortunately marked the end of the store. Jason was hankering for a game so we teed up one over at GREX. As this was a long while ago, I can't really recall what happened during our game. I did however take some photos and thought I would share them with you guys. 

Unfortunately this time there won't be much in terms of commentary. Hope you enjoy the photos! 

Warlord Trait meant I could select 3 units to infiltrate and I took it

Jason charged the poor Hormagants

Wiping them out but the rest of my army advanced enmasse

Jason had the tools to take out my Flyrants! Argh! 

Maybe dropping down and charging was a bad idea

Had to spew as many babies as possible and tie those damn Necrons up! 

A God vs un-Godly creations

Pew pew

If Jason would just finish up painting those models, this would look awesome! 

Flyers galore!

Dropped my Carnifex in his backlines

The skies are full of those flyers

And dominate the skies he did

A God takes out the poor Warrior

Kill la kill!
I do believe I lost the game to Jason. He dominated the skies and there was little I could do.

Also, I tanked in the Last March of the Titans, coming in really low. Haha! This list just didn't work at 1500. Ah well, the meta is different at TG and GREX so it was not that surprising. TG players had the tools to deal with the swarm.

Major Apoc game going on to mark the release of the Tau book

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