Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tourney Prep: Tyranids vs Orks

Mark is a fantastic painter and collector. He has been catching up with me quite regularly last week and we discussed quite a bit on army composition. We then organised a game. 

This was mission 2, the Relic with Cloak and Dagger. Having played this mission before, I focused purely on the Relic as it is worth 15VPs.

Balanced Nid list

Orks with a ton of Battlewagons
Mark brought a ton of Battlewagons and used the Trukks to proxy for them as his aren't fully built yet. His formation allowed him to Scout forward which he did.

Note: he only Scouted 6" when he could have done 12". Mark wasn't too familiar with the rules
Uh-oh, these Orks are hungry
Mark took the first Turn

Turn 1
The Relic was in the middle so Mark deployed his Orks out to block me

Orks didn't manage to kill too many from shooting

Rush for the Relic! 

I moved my Hormagants forward to prevent him from taking the Relic

And charged the Orks
With the Boss around the Boyz stayed in combat.

Turn 2
Mark moved his Battlewagon up to Tank Shock the Gants but they just moved out of the way
Here's where flamers would have come in really handy as my Gants would have been moved aside due to the Tank Shock.

The central fight was still ongoing.

My left flank
I felt that by splitting his Orks in two waves, it allowed me to handle them. If Mark had chosen to charge all in or deploy them all at the same time, there was little I could have done.

Tyrannocytes both came in and I sent them behind his lines

Taking these objectives and destroying some Buggies

Giving me some VPs

The Warboss now joined the fight
Worth noting that we were both fighting for the Relic quite aggressively and it kept falling as we killed the bearers

The Warboss and retinue was now in the picture

But in my turn I sent my Termagants in

And managed to take the Orcs out

I secured a few more Objectives

I should have used my painted Gants
Time was running out as we neared the 3 hour mark. This would be the last Turn.
I Glided both Flyrants in to take out the Warlod and his unit

And managed to take the unit out
Having killed the Warlord and securing a number of objectives, the game went in my favour.

Mark needs more games with his army to familiarise himself with the rules too! Good game! 

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