Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SlowBurn month 2 : mid week update

Slowburn month 2 : mid month week update

Ok its month 2 for the slow burn and unlike last month’s fortuitous alignment of the sun and moon where the long weekend fell inline with Mrs Big Mek own personal schedule, leaving me with ample time to build and paint uninterrupted. Such was not the case this month of June, where between I was stuck on which way forward to build an army list and the warboss at work, meant many nights just ebbed away.

After much deliberation, for this month, I’ll be pledging
445 points
Ork Warboss
Ork Painboy
11 Ork shoota boyz
13 Stormboyz, with Stormboy nob
2 custom warbuggies

Family portrait

          Pledge primed

I finally managed to find the highly recommended RJ International matt black spray for priming, and I did a comparison between the new Nippon Spray that I used the month before. I’ll share my findings in a later post.

This month’s boyz have the beginnings of steampunk theme on their bases. 

I managed to squeeze in 2 games over the last 2 nights, thanks J.Yang’s Harlies and T.Dor’s Wolves! Unfortunately, the machinegod(s?) in my iphone seem to have fled, leaving the camera lifeless during these 2 games.

 I managed to learn abit on the importance of target priority and a general refreshing of 40K rules.
No miracles with grot shooting today. Though it would have been hilarious. Instead the Harlies made sure early on that the grots were cleanly removed from the table.
In both games, I have found a new fear of exploding mysterious objectives. Badrux bears a few new scars from them.

Base colours done!

Now with 3 days left, can I finish my pledge in time?

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