Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Eldar Army 1750

I hope you guys have been busy building armies and pwning out there. Guess I have not been putting up too many posts recently but I have been busy working on this army! I present to you my 1750 Eldar army. There is a squad of Guardians x10 with Wave Serpent that is missing (I forgot to bring them out). Enjoy! 

Most of my army are older models such as the War Walkers. I am planning to replace them with the new kits

Started working on the other Jetbikes too

One of my favourite Troops choice from 4th edition. They were also the first miniatures I painted for my Eldar army in 1998

I am using these Fire Dragons to proxy for my Warp Spiders as they are still in the mail

Overexposed photo but these are the bulk of the force. 2 units of 10 Guardians with 10 Dire Avengers for some punch. 

These will be replaced soon

Repainting has begun for this tank starting with the gems. The whites will be replaced with Bleached Bone and more black will be used to define the cockpit and side vanes. 

My newest addition to the army. This model provides the main inspiration for my repaints

Base coats started on the Jetbikes

Warpack leader! 
More to come soon. I will be playing a game with Melvin soon and I plan to try out this list.

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