Sunday, October 2, 2011

TK vs HE pictures

Pictures taken from a game with long time gaming buddy Enrgie over at a newly open LGS - Battle Bunker.
Had not played against Enrgie for quite awhile. Spent almost the whole day playing and talking/discussing about Warhammer fantasy, who can guess there are so much to talk about Warhammer Fantasy lol. 

Pictures are not in order due to uploading sequence. 

Casket left on HE turn 5...

White lions after finishing off the chariots and N.sphinx

TK chariot + N.sphinx combine charge! too bad 6D6 + lvl 4 = 26 boosted desiccation on white lions was dispelled by the HE with just 4D6 rolling IF dispel... 

Hungry white lions eyeing the TK chariots

Tomb guard getting flank by Swordmasters = very very bad

Bad move resulting Ushabti getting flanked...

Hungry white lions

Swordmasters > Necropolis knights
Bad play number 1* (3 necropolis knights != 3 death company spezze mehrines)

After Pansies turn 1

50 wet lions down to 42...

1st turn IF dwellers on BRAVE skeleton warriors! (37 died)

sexy arms?

Game start! (nice watch)

Pansies deployment

Crumbling lalala
Bad play number 3* (forgetting Tomb king has "My Will be Done")

Necro Knights down

BRAVE skeletons Anvil vs Wet lions Death Star
Bad play number 2* (notice the ushabtis and Tomb guard were moved too far up... resulting in the counter-charge units unable to flank the white lions)

Turn 3 or 4

Epic fluff by Tomb King... rolling 1,1,1,2,2 for to hit... missing all...

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