Friday, June 17, 2011

warhound titan urban camo WIP 2

inspired by metal gear snake eater x russian sukhoi jets. So far so good, managed to install all pistons without losing any. first layer of highlight on. I'm shooting for a realistic tank look. I'm doing this for a friend and this has turned out to be a series of experiments. first choas khorne titan, now imperial. Included the paints I used with the airbrush.


  1. Nicely done! Its very realistic looking too. Is it all airbrushing or some paintbrush work there as well?

  2. primary colors and camo done with mr. color enamels and weather/washes are done with gw paints by hand.

    The good thing about using enamels for primary colors is that if you mess up on successive weather coats, you can use tamiya acrylic thinners to wipe it away without ruining the primary color coat as oil based paints and acrylic/gw paints desolve with different thinners. You can also do quick panel lines this way.

  3. Its all done to great effect man ;) Thanks for sharing the tips too!



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