Friday, June 24, 2011

News: FAILcast, FineCOST - GW rolls a 1 and Fumbles

I believe some of you may have seen this from Wayland but still worth mentioning since I know quite a large number of us will inevitably order them from Games Workshop.

Head on over to and see for yourself.


  1. I see a pubic hair in one of the blister!!! 3rd pic to be exact!

  2. It is really getting to a point where finecast is too much of a dangerous lottery of will my model be ok or not.

    Was a recent pack of wracks I got, after this I also got one that had no backpack at all in the box, just half of the bit it was attached to, not acceptable at all.

  3. That's not a pubic hair. It's too straight. Although, its gross they're kind reaching by calling that a quality control issue. Especially when the model ha no casting issues. Some of those casts are terrible, but who's going to deny part of this isn't to get back at GW for costing wayland money in markets outside of the eu.



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