Friday, September 14, 2018

Road to STGCC - Game 2: Team Practice

Jason and I clearly needed some practice so we found some time after discussing how our two armies should work in tandem with each other. The STGCC tournament was 2 players fighting 2 players, basically meaning that our armies had to work as 1.

Discussing this with Jason, my team mate, we were both quite certain that there will be a shift in the meta as more people bring out Imperial Knights, Castellan Knights etc. My Slamguinus was very suitable to take it down. This is how you can create the guy. 

Image may contain: 1 person

Jason is then responsible for clearing chaff and bringing the Objective Holders. So we broke out our armies and headed out to GREX Queensway for our Team Practice. We played the ITC rulepack. 

Deployment and Turn 1 
I managed to get turn 1 so advanced the Death Company up to attempt the charge but failed!
A very short lived game with me quickly losing to Jason. While we did not manage to actually test our lists, our plan was to get accustomed to our armies. The key take away from this game was that my role in our team was to go for the big heavy hitters such as Imperial Knights and Characters.

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