Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Femme Fatale Painting Competition

I missed out submitting in time for Total Testerone for Wyrd's monthly competition so I made it a point to complete my submission for Femma Fatale. It's a competition that Wyrd organizes on the Forums to encourage people to push their skills or for some, just to complete their models. I definitely used it as an excuse to pimp up some models!

Now that the judging is over, here are my entries and these are the results. My models were FF57 to FF65. Here are the images I submitted. Let me know which you like the most!

Unfortunately I didn't read the rules too carefully and missed out on a subtle rule. All images should be single models only. But here are some pictures that did not qualify.

In the end I did not place Top 3 but managed to snag a participation prize which I am quite happy about! I love these models anyway and getting a prize is just icing on the cake. Thanks Wyrd!

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