Monday, March 7, 2016

Hobby Corner: Opening up the deff dread hatch

Hobby Corner update 7/3/16: open hatch ork deff dread

new to the ork faction this month, is the new starter box 'pain mob' formation. I cant wait to test it out!. On paper, it does look like GW's best gift to orks in a long time.

But first I need to get them all assembled...

Flipping through the instruction sheet unlike the newer models like the new Tau Shadow Ghostkeel, the deff dred's all buttoned up. That wont do... cos  ‘sum kommanders have a better view of da battlefield with da hatch open!’

Photo 1:

Cutting the hatch open

Step 1 & 2: Using a pin drill that I got from daiso, size doesn’t really matter, drill a ring of holes on the inside circumference of the hatch that you would like to cut open.
Step 3: Then using a plastic clipper, cut the bit between each hole linking up all the holes, then with a sharp box cutter, carefully trim away the excess material, til you have a nice clean circular hole. Hatch opened!

Photo 2 making the hatch
Top left Photo: I traced out the hole onto a piece of tissue
Top right Photo:Which I then whiteglued onto a piece of polystyrene sheet and then cut out with a sharp scissors
*in hindsight,  perhaps tracing out a true circle (ie a coin) might have made a more symmetrical looking hatch.
Bottom left Photo:Then I decorated the inside of the hatch with some of my ususal watch gear bits to create the hatch locking mechanism and then some plastic bits outside to create something visually interesting,
Bottomr right photo: I then scored a line across and bent the little tab at the bottom of the circular hatch which I then glued onto the hull.



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